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Company History

Carolina Classic Cars Carolina Classic Cars has a rich history deeply rooted in the passion for pristine automobiles. Much like Wayne Carini from the television show "Chasing Classic Cars," the founder of Carolina Classic Cars, Candace Bongiovanni, shares a love for iconic vehicles and understands the importance of quality and value. She believes that purchasing a classic car is an investment, and, like any valuable asset, it deserves protection. When you buy a classic car from them, you not only acquire a solid vehicle but also ensure its ongoing care through their dedicated servicing. Carolina Classic Cars aims to foster long-lasting relationships with their customers, encouraging them to embrace the allure of becoming classic car collectors. What began as a shared enthusiasm has evolved into an aspiring classic car dealership, driven by the commitment to delivering excellence and nurturing a community of passionate enthusiasts.

Carolina Classic Cars stands out as the only classic car dealership with an exclusive hot rod shop located on the same property, offering a unique and comprehensive experience for enthusiasts. Over the years, owner Candace Bongiovanni, a native of the Carolinas, has been the driving force behind the dealership, showcasing exceptional business skills and a discerning eye for valuable and pristine automobiles. The team at Carolina Classic Cars is dedicated to excellence in performance, maintenance, and engine rebuilds. When you purchase a classic car from them, you not only gain access to an impressive collection but also the convenience of on-site servicing. With valuable mentors on hand to guide you and provide expert advice, Carolina Classic Cars is more than a dealership; it's a hub for individuals embarking on a journey to become classic car collectors and enthusiasts.

Whether you're in search of a meticulously maintained, pristine classic car ready for the open road or aiming to restore a cherished family heirloom, Carolina Classic Cars is your ultimate destination for all classic car needs and restoration services. With a commitment to quality, value, and a team of experts, we cater to enthusiasts seeking both turn-key classics and those embarking on the rewarding journey of restoring a piece of family history. At Carolina Classic Cars, we understand the diverse desires within the classic car community, offering a comprehensive range of options to meet every collector's unique preferences and aspirations.