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Price Ranges for Car Wash and Detailing Services

Detail Service

Hand Wash $45:
Wash exterior, clean wheels, blow out cracks with compressed air, dry with a chamois, vacuum, and dust.

Carpet Detailing $45:
Deep clean carpets and mats.

Upholstery Detailing: $45
Deep clean upholstery fabric.

Leather Detailing: $45
Clean leather seats and conditioning with UV protectant

Vinyl Detailing: $45
Clean dash, console and door panels, and then apply a protectant to keep from sun damage.

Trunk and Cargo Area: $15
Vacuum and Shampoo

Polish or Wax: $50
Apply a polish or wax to seal and protect the surface

Undercarriage and Chassis: $25
Clean directly under the car, inside the wheel wells, and around the major suspension components which include the anti-roll bars; attention should be given to the splash guards, inner fender liners, and wheels and tires.

Headlights, Taillights, and Exterior Trim: $65
Apply a polishing compound to headlights and taillights, and then seal; clean chrome trim and plastic trim, and then apply a protectant.

Ozonation: $20
Remove odor.

Engine Bay: $45
Clean with water, and then apply a degreaser. Rinse. After drying, apply a protectant to all silicone, plastic, and rubber components to protect them from cracking.

It seriously is the "works." Let our detailing professionals give your vehicle the much needed TLC it deserves. From our custom handwashing, polish and wax and...interior detailing and undercarriage will love your new restored vehicle. This truly is the "WORKS" of detailing.

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